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The original Liquid Television airings of Frog Baseball do not feature music videos. America's Funniest Home Videos. Both shorts originally aired as part of Liquid Television and did not include music videos.

After it is reattached, he breaks it off again by using it to pick his nose. The duo then think that they can then tell people what to do.

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They claim he is not there, then threaten to kick the police. The duo watch a television advertisement for breast enlargement. After watching a rock star on being interviewed on television, the duo attempt to start a band. Beavis finds cameras in bag in a bush.

Butt-Head pushes the cow onto Beavis - trapping him under it. The boys celebrate the season of giving with live action guest stars.

Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to learn why they get erections in the morning, holy spirit my senior partner but do not work out the cause. Scuba diving is a relatively new sport.

It belongs to a tall muscular boy, Tommy, who drinks it. Instead, they fall asleep and dream about themselves as American history's famous figures. When they are there, a misunderstanding means that they have their noses enlarged instead. McVicker restarts a Scared Straight program and the duo find themselves having fun in prison.

They are told to leave the store, then they walk into an artificial lake in the mall when it is dry in order to take coins that people have thrown into it when making wishes. Beavis sets fire to the comedy club after burning newspapers to juggle with. Van Driessen takes the duo and Stewart on a canoe trip.

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They see Franklin fly a kite with a key attached to it during a storm, so they do likewise. They hit on girls at the mall, who reject them. Beavis repeatedly beats the pillow, breaking it open while screaming die! Buzzcut, during which Butt-Head drives the car into a truck. Divers must be very respectful of the fact that they are guests in this domain and that improper behavior can have severe consequences.

Scuba diving requires an understanding of the effect of breathing air under pressure, and of the chemical changes that occur in the body while at depth. The duo go to Stewart's house. Anderson gives them plastic chips in exchange for the money that they won, which the duo think is a good deal.

Van Driessen makes Beavis and Butt-Head write haikus in class. This origami artist wanted to pay tribute to their favorite coffee shop using a book's pages. Anderson is horrified when he walks into his house to see that the duo have sold virtually everything in his house for a small fraction of their value.

The two visit a career counselor and consider different career paths. All three fall asleep there. They walk into a real estate office and are wrongly assumed to be temps. Beavis bangs the drum while manically expressing his frustration at being always rejected by girls. The police enter the room and arrest Beavis.

They suggest getting a drink, and the group's members go to a bar. Scuba divers are able to explore a mysterious and beautiful world where creatures swim freely and coral reefs resemble some sort of alien landscape.

Scuba divers often describe the sensation of weightlessness as being similar to floating in space. They come very close to finally scoring when two girls invite them to make out with them.

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The duo get a nasty cold, and they try to get a hold of some cough syrup in a futile attempt to get wasted. The man behind the counter can see that it is fake, so he rips it up and ejects the duo. The duo attempt trick-or-treating.

The banker goes to the roof of the building, and is followed by the police. Two burglars break the door down and claim to be moving men.

Baby t.v videosBaby t.v videos

She is attracted to Beavis, but he fails to recognize that. They do not like the Burritos that his mother gives them. The duo try the same trick with a milk carton which is next to another girl.

Baby t.v videos

This pan has a strainer attached to it This pan sure comes in handy for removing grease and oil! The duo attempt to buy pork rinds from a vending machine outside a convenience store. Repairman uses ramen noodles to fix a ceramic sink More Info. These two sisters own their own professional organizing company, The Home Sort. The boys are supposed to be in Van Driessen's class, but he has taken his class to the botanical garden.

One student creates a scene of a flower growing, blooming, then dying - which she is very pleased with. Butt-Head loses consciousness due to holding his breath. Butt-Head repeatedly propels Beavis into a wall using the treadmill. Freefall over a giant gorge hundreds of feet in the air Leave your stomach behind, this is only for the fearless.

The group are hostile to them, and beat them up. The duo claim that a female classmate, Kimberley, is sexually harassing them by giving them erections. They hire Joe Adler to sue her. The duo push their way into the house.

Beavis and Butt-head go to a gym that is offering free trial memberships. There, the duo attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Beavis and Butt-head visit an aquarium in hopes of plugging some dolphin holes with balloons. They love to love, and sometimes they love to hate.

Baby t.v videos