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This is a soothing composition like Pottthakarna of Baburaj. Sharing another compilation of interesting rare songs of S Janaki. But Ramu manages to prove the truth and sends Subbaiah to jail.

Dubbing movies were not considered for this analysis. This movie is one of initial movies in Malayalam with a complete Horror theme.

Sound of drums creates a melodious horror affect! Pottatha Ponnin had two versions. Her first popular combination was with M S Baburaj. Notify me of new posts by email. She rendered maximum number of songs to Shyam followed by At Ummer in Malayalam.

His violins are amazing in this song too! Veturi Sundararama Murthy. Release date May Budget Revenue. Such is popularity of this song. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

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Venkatesh Ramya Krishna Rambha. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Starting the list with around music directors.

Interestingly, this song was also picturised on actress Vijaya Nirmala. In terms of number, it may be Baby Shalini for whom she sang maximum number of such songs. He wants to marry Usha to his son to ensure power over the entire village.

They beat him and throw him in a river believing that he is dead. In Tamil, it was Ilayaraja for whom she sang maximum number of songs. In terms of number of songs and popular hits, it was Ilayaraja for whom she sang maximum number of songs. Sandhya desperately organizes the search for him and at last finds him in his village with the help of her servant and friend Gundu Brahmanandam.

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When the movie was remade in Tamil, they repeated the magic there as well. Adding more Kannada devotionals of Janaki amma from various albums.

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Dakshinamurthy is another music director who encouraged her much during initial days in Malayalam cinema. Other songs in this post mainly creates a mood of melancholy. It was a win-win combination that lasted for more than two decades.

Krishnamohana Rao under R. Actress in Odiya and other languages are yet to be added. Will be adding more in future. Keeravani Indian romantic comedy films Indian romantic musical films.

Though, most of the songs had similar picturisation with few exceptions, they were received good. With success of this song, irumudi thangi oru mp3 Satyam recorded many more such ghost songs in Telugu. She filled so much pain in those songs and made them memorable classics. His tunes were well known for variations after every second note and were never predictable.

Frustrated, angered, Arjun goes to fight the politicians at their speech rally but is simply thrown out. Ironically, all devil songs in Indian cinema were sung by beautiful voices in a very high pitch. Not only for heroines but she gave playback to almost all prominent dancers in South and North Indian cinema together also. In Kannada cinema, G K Venkatesh established her as a versatile artist with his challenging compositions.

Muddula Priyudu

Dubbed movies are not considered for this. Soon Arjun's family put him out of the house, he is approached by Ranganayakulu, he invites him to his house treats him as his own son. Raghavendra Rao Films scored by M. Benerjee orders that Arjun and his friends be eliminated, The gang attack and kill one of Arjun's friend Gokhale Sai Kumar is killed in the public. Ramu manages to defeat all those goons and save Usha.

She is very fond of singing private songs and always expressed a strong desire to do a complete music concert with such songs. When he regains his consciousness, he forgets everything about the past and settles as Raju.

Few songs are not available in Youtube and will be added in future! Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Below is playlist of the songs mentioned here. Narayana and step mother Tatineni Rajeswari and step sister Kalyani Samyutha. It is quite difficult to get a complete list of all artists.

How ever, started with artists now and will be updating the list with more artists in future. Hero sings about his dream girl and when she dies in some inevitable conditions, her memories haunt him in form of this song. Same songs are added in the playlist.

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Interestingly, Balu-Janaki duets played a major role in thier respective musical journeys. Shyam created every variety of song for S Janaki. This article is a brief analysis of Music directors who composed golden melodies in vocals of S Janaki. She continued her singing in direction of Raj-Koti, Vandemataram Srinivas, Madhavapeddi Suresh in next generation of music directors.

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