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Begins the Paris Convention priority year. Enables immediate commercial promotion of invention with greater security against having the invention stolen.

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Establishes official United States patent application filing date for the invention. Ohenry pole tents are always your best choice for all around use. Provisional applications also should not include any information disclosure prior art statement since provisional applications are not examined. Such an applicant may also lose the right to ever patent the invention.

Amendments are not permitted in provisional applications after filing, other than those to make the provisional application comply with applicable regulations. Independent inventors should fully understand that a provisional application will not mature into a granted patent without further submissions by the inventor. Since Ohenry productions Inc. Such a pre-filing disclosure, although protected in the United States, may preclude patenting in foreign countries.

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The information in this brochure is general in nature and is not meant to substitute for advice provided by a patent practitioner. If there are multiple inventors, each inventor must be named in the application. Provisional Patent Application Forms A provisional patent application allows you to file without a formal patent claim, oath or declaration, or any information disclosure prior art statement. No information disclosure statement may be filed in a provisional application. If you need a frame tent or pole tent that will stand the test of time, able offline pc games you will be glad when you invest in an Ohenry party tent.

Provisional Application for Patent

Government agency that has a property interest in the application. The provisional application must name all of the inventor s. Please Watch The Why Ohenry?


We have all sizes of pole tents, frame tents, and high peak tents in stock, ready to go to work as party tents for you! We specialize in the construction of frame tents, high peak tension tents and pole tents which meet the demands of the party tent rental industry.

Applicants unfamiliar with the requirements of U. Provisional Application for Patent.

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Commissioner for Patents P. Can you describe the problem? Ohenry party tents are built to last many years, and best of all, our commercial tents are in stock waiting for you. We would like to know what you found helpful about this page. Frame tents can also be used indoors for events such as trade shows!

Some invention promotion firms misuse the provisional application process leaving the inventor with no patent. Check out the Red Hot Specials page for current sales on walls. Provisional applications are not examined on their merits. You will never have to wait for your festival tent, party tent, or revival tent. High peak tents are a type of pole tent.

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Order your Ohenry Side Walls today! This wasn't what I expected. Patent and Trademark Office.

The biggest difference between pole and frame tents is that frame tents use specialized hardware, and require more labor to install. Ohenry Party Tents are your best choice if you are in the party tent rental or event tent rental business.

For other assistance, please see our contact us page. It is recommended that the disclosure of the invention in the provisional application be as complete as possible. There is a surcharge for filing the basic filing fee or the cover sheet on a date later than filing the provisional application. Pole tents are extremely portable, and Traditional Pole Tents provide more covered area for less money than any other type of party tent.

Pole tents are the most popular style of tent for party tent rentals, revival tents, commercial tents, storage tents, and event tents. IndependentInventor uspto. High peaked party tents are extremely desirable for weddings, and other events where an elegant look is desired. All inventor s named in the provisional application must have made a contribution, either jointly or individually, to the invention disclosed in the application.

Beware that an applicant who publicly discloses his or her invention e. Keep in mind that a publication, use, sale, or other activity only has to be made available to the public to qualify as a public disclosure. Fees are subject to change annually. The frame tent eliminates the need for a center pole and can be installed against a building. The nonprovisional application must have at least one inventor in common with the inventor s named in the provisional application to claim benefit of the provisional application filing date.