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Quotes from Enjoying the Chase. Which should leave you fairly unsurprised that Enjoying the Chase will have the same raving review.

Il mio preferito senza dubbio. They are such wonderful characters, and I was captivated by their story.

Actually having a girlfriend? My insides were churning with excitement as I pressed the buzzer on the outer door and waited for the ward sister to let me in. Considering there is not much more than a romance going on, the story did not feel overly long or draggy to which I am extremely grateful.

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The Nate Peters you meet in the beginning of the book is nothing like the Nate Peters in the end. It looked fucking painful. By the end of the story, everything had turned around for the better and I was left with big smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

Each and every further seals my deep loyalty and love for her style and knack for creating an inspiring romance. Kirsty Moseley never disappoint. The way he handles learning about certain surprises in Rosie's life makes him an awesome book boyfriend.

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But with the dumbass lines, I just am not able to suspend disbelief enough. There was never even a question while reading of how convenient the relationship would be. Did he actually never come back? Love the way Nate thinks, hilarious at times, you could see the changes in him, but the was still the Nate we loved.

Enjoying the Chase

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Reading the chapters I did of this story only took a couple hours of my life that I can't get back! Rosie has a son from a previous relationship which she got hurt from and is very guarded.

This was better staying on Wattpad. Rosie was a strong character and considering her shitty past I was surprised she forgave and moved on with Nate so easily and quickly. Showing her with my actions that she took my breath away.

She looked like she really felt it, if you know what I mean. Maybe because those type of books are too adultery?

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How many times can we watch Nate get rejected and crash and burn? Allora Nate lotta come non hai mai lottato per imporsi nella mente e nella vita di Rosie. But it doesn't even make sense because if you truly love that person then you wouldn't change them in the first place. Or maybe I'm just biased because I love player-falls-in-love love stories. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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Nate is a player with no responsibilities and lives his life hanging with friends and hooking up with random women. Characters are flatter than wallpaper. He didn't know if he could or should fall for Rosie's but I'm so glad that he did. Practically as soon as he got to us, he was swept into a hug by my mom who pinched his cheeks affectionately. But it's not enough to make up for the bad.

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Il particolare da non dimenticare? Something so bad that I was reduced to big ugly tears.

This author always delivers when it comes to writing a heart warming love story and this was is no exception. You hid the fact that you had a son from him and also told him you had a man. There was security on the door, as usual, but I knew them all now so we were ushered through quickly. Nate was a changed man, and I for one, loved the shift in his character. My hands unconsciously tightened on her hips as she tried to brush against me again.

Highly recommend Enjoying the Chase. As I started the book I was afraid that the story would get a bit redundant and boring as we watched Nate chase Rosie time and time again. It probably helped my cause that I was a good-looking guy, even if I did say so myself. Rosie and Nate are cute together, and I like the way that things develop slowly, is was insta attraction, but no insta love here, sql server 2008 r2 enterprise evaluation edition a friendship that turns into more.

Enjoying the chase

When I finally arrived at the hospital, I was directed to the maternity ward on the fifth floor. She looked so beautiful that it actually hurt to look at her. This story just got so damn stupid at that point and I couldn't stand it anymore. Shorter maybe much more better. Let's just say Rosie puts a huge dent in Nate's ego.