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Tanzania The border crossing was a breeze except for the constant hounding of insurance salesman. They are sick of being robbed by bandits. We spent the first night in Sudan camping alongside a full hotel in Wadi Halfa. Then they wanted to know what my thoughts were on the Egyptian revolution were.

These are the type of speed humps that you almost have to stop to get over. As I was pulling back onto the road and riding on soft sand the bike suddenly sunk. Paradise lodge was a stop along the way to a place called Jinka.

You must be logged in to download and order scenes. It was great travelling with ye guys, best of luck for the rest of the trip. Along the way to Gondar I stopped to chat with some cyclists along the road. This also happened at the next bank. The world's most detailed globe.

From here we went to the Ngorongoro crater and camped in an amazing campsite on the craters edge. It took me ten minutes to explain that I wrote that years ago as a joke. As I crossed the border the heavens opened up and the rains came heavy. They were as shocked to see me as I was to see them.

The border crossing was a breeze just like every other African crossing bar Egypt. The rain was so heavy my tent leaked and I spent the night lying in a pool of cold water. The town itself is a sight for sore eyes. It was one of the worst rides I have ever faced. From Rundu I rode km to Windhoek in one sitting.

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Duncan has been arranging to ship my bike home for me. It was easier to let me go than have to deal with a robbery and perhaps murder.

Then we went in search of a hotel. The stone churches of lallibela are dam impressive because many are not carved into the rock, but freed entirely from it. The caretaker had to get water from the river in buckets for me to wash with.

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If these bearing went the whole final drive would most likely seize up and have me careering into whatever lay in my path. We had to beat it as we pumped till finally it went up.

The ride was exhilarating to say the least. The weather stayed dry except for the odd shower so the ride was very enjoyable. The girls had been there for eight weeks and fortunately they were well set up. There is a Q of traffic at every one of them as well.

The rainy season that was well over a month late had finally arrived. Placename Type Region Latitude Longitude. Sometimes that involves staying up half the night. We decided to head for Kenya instead which was a two-day ride away. Each country and its people are unique.

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Explore Planet Earth Motorcycle Adventure. Everything you love about Google Earth, plus new ways for you to explore, learn and share. After biscuits for breakfast we departed again to explore more of the park. Google Earth is the most photorealistic, avira control center digital version of our planet. Google Earth Pro on desktop.

Even the Kenyan customs officials were in on it. The landscape changed dramatically as I rode along. Buses and trucks are abandoned and left to fend from themselves from the bandits that frequent the area.

One of these guys spoke perfect English and the conversation started off pleasant enough. These were truly majestic wild beasts. We got some abuse for this by the staff coming into work. The blood was still dripping from the headless corps as I pulled up.

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There were many things I wanted to see in Namibia but unfortunately I will have to wait till a later time. One cop ran after me while another ran for his car. Next it was off to get some petrol.

They are then hollowed out from within. Addis is having a new metro installed and instead of constructing it in stages the Chinese constructors decided to dig up the whole city at once.

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Mat had decided to ride on towards Cape Agulhas. The bar here is frequented by the cities expats and locals, the beer is cheap and the craic is good.

We had to fill out some paperwork on board before alighting. When it finally stopped I headed off in the direction of the capital, Lusaka.