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Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Andy comes with microphone, camera and sensors integration support. Commercially and critically successful, Gunship was followed by Gunship and Gunship! Battle enemy units to defend your base and save the planet.

Sit at the controls of a combat helicopter


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Sit at the controls of a combat helicopter

First of all I would like to say that I enjoy this game immensely. The open software technology unlocks the long-standing barriers between different system environments so you can manage all your devices with no more hassles. Defend your Headquarters from incoming enemies attempting to require over your land. If you want to move from one side to the other then we simply tilting the device Android.

So, are you ready to play the role of a helicopter pilot and take matters with your own hands? More aggressive players generally fly fast and erratically to evade enemy fire, flying in low to deliver devastating cannon attacks at close range. Because if you have the wrong type of weapon then will just dump the ammo you have. You can migrate or teleport on the world map using base relocation ticket.

But there is also a fast helicopter but have a limited and expensive weapons. Then while directing you can while using the touch control to shoot opponents and cruised. You just aim at your target, as best you can, you just might hit it!

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How you found the violation and any other useful info. Select from a good vary of helicopters, every with distinctive characteristics. This feature also has many types that you can select such as of or postpone the helicopter that later you will use. Silver can be obtained by completing the daily missions, from events, trading, silver mine. If the pilot lands without serious injury, he can escape back to base and live to fight another day.

Through a variety of existing in-game mission Gunship Battle, users are able to fight with aircraft carriers, Destroyers, submarines, helicopters, fighter planes, tanks, and armored vehicles. The developers have a right to make money. Arm your chopper with a range of weapons and additionally instrumentation. The Episodes are inspired by true-to-life conflicts that will likely urge you to equip your helicopter with the most devastating missiles. As you level up admiral, you earn admiral points which you can use to unlock admiral abilities.


Since flight time is a component of the mission evaluation, either method has its advantages. The map will show you an object that is marked with a red and it is a tool that you must destroy.

Tiger is pretty fast with high mobility so that suitable though including helicopter beginners. These are the main tasks you have to do daily to increase the power. Don't bother downloading it. There was no manual firing either.

You act as a one man army and fighter who needs to survive in this battle and complete the air gunship mission. Game-wise walk-throughs have a goal to take you through the games Gunship Battle until it could find a resolution in the game including quests and items that can not be locked. Other things that can be done during the mission started, jump Stampede gas and point to large ships, firing Boss BattleShip until half blood.

The moment you start the game, you will lose yourself in the excitement of a new kind of action game that you have never experienced before. Report this game to Microsoft. Of all the apps out there, virtual worlds for without this one makes the cut for Windows Games? Gunship Battle Total Warfare.

And, before you attack a base, make sure to scout. The latter would be an easier mission, because the battle would be fought closer to friendly lines. The graphics are horrible, the controls are so bad it is virtually unplay able. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

You can obtain assault tickets by completing the chapter quest tap Olivia icon at the bottom-left corner, above the missions to check chapter quests. Various missions given in this game will make you feel the sensation of a thrilling battle at the same time fun.

The Game Manufacturers Association. Equipping helicopters with a range of weapons and additionally weapons. Control system used in the Gunship Battle uses the accelerometer and touch controls also. Become Associate in Nursing Admiral and lead your troops to finish the battle and dominate the ocean.


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Language supported English United States. Complete the missions throughout the assorted components.