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1. Albion Online

First and the classiest title on our list of games like RuneScape is none other than the remarkable Drakensang Online. It is a fantasy based game which you can play for free and also a suitable alternative to games like Runescape. So, our list of games like Runescape has reached to the game named Drakensang Online. It has various features like resource collection, exploration, lovely tunes crafting etc.

It was originally released in in China and Korea and then in in North America. This version is entirely free to play, so you can enjoy hours of entertainment without any tightness. What happened to CyanogenMod? In the game world, you can discover new cities and level up by killing the monsters.

All the hardcore fans of Hack and Slash aesthetic would love this game, and if you are one of them, you should definitely try it out. You have entered an incorrect email address! The major aspect of this game relies upon fighting and combating which means it is a hidden treasure for the gamers who love killing enemies.

In the quest of finding perfect games like Runescape, we can finally wind up to Stendhal. All you have to do is complete the quests, look for the best resources, collect them, fight with monsters and other players who want to kill you and displaying your bright gaming skills. Choose any of them as per their features and your interest but you will experience lots of amusement in all of them. It has a focused combat with the unique Rebirth system. Finally, there is a special feature Neverwinter offers.

After the abduction of the prince, an ancient dragon is about to unleash its wrath upon the poor souls. This game is mainly focused on fighting. This gives a fictional world of Azeroth.

Top 10 Games like RunescapeTop 10 Games like Runescape

It also has independent progression approach, which means from the beginning you have the freedom to choose your path. This game is published by Nexon. If you are the one having love for combat then warrior would be great for you. It is an action-adventure You can travel backwards in time in order to save the world from the devastation. There will come some missions which you have to successfully complete in order to develop and improve your character in the game.

If yes, then you are at right place buddy. The Battle for Middle-earth, f. So challenge yourself and never stop playing.

It has many things such as beautiful regions, meet friends, level-up, defeat monsters, collect mounts and so on. If you are looking for RuneScape like games, this must be on your list.

It gives the fictional world of Azeroth. This is what makes Albion Online one of the games like Runescape. You can stick to the crafting only. Vast worlds to explore, quests to complete, monsters and even players you could kill. Keep Visit Geek Hax for more interesting posts.

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Here at the combat, you can acquire any set of skills which can damage or protect you. So, that you can enjoy the game more sensibly. We hope this article is helpful for you and you will be able to find the best similar games like RuneScape. It also provides the widespread endless world.

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Players can create a character and solve quests, explore the world, kill monsters, and search for treasures. We all love shopping in some way or the other. Overall this game is one of the best multiplayer game. Kingdom Reborn, an expansion pack introduced in brought an innovative game engine with fresh visuals.

The adventurous ride of this game is too good to be true. Because of this, the game has been in a beta stage for a long time, but it is completely playable already.

This is one of those games like Runescape, where the developers have put a bit of extra effort to make the game user-friendly. There are many classes available which mainly focuses on community and guilds. There are many forms available to play like if you want to play like a human then choose Alliance if you want to play like an Orc then choose Horde.

Please enter your name here. Since its release, Origin added eight expansion packs. You just need to dig deep in, and you can find a lot of hidden secrets of this game. However, since multiple registrations are available it is hard to tell how many actual players are active at a given time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

There are various aspects that make Albion Online one of the Runescape alternative. Video Collage Maker Online Free. As the primary character, the game tasks you to explore, complete a number of Quests, fight off vicious monsters, and collect resources. The Return of the King, c. If you are a combat lover and want to play the game as a single player then this is the game you are looking for.

If you think that developers have only focused on the visuals then you are totally wrong. Some people call it a free WoW version. You can choose a character like Hunters, different wizards, different warriors and priests. You being the player is the only hope of the people to fight off an ancient dragon and protect the valley.