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Maskeen Ji never meant that one becomes God. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.

Brahm Giani is nobody else, bharat ratna telugu full movie but the Supreme Power God himself. Fir giani je ta ik anubhavi te abhiyasi purash te kathavachak san. Brahm Giani helps the helpless.

Ones who are already flourishing are being given even more. By annnying other followers of god, you are really annoying the path that sache patshah ji shown us. He has been promoting King Ram Chander as an ideal human being, has been praising limitlessly the ancient mythological gods. This writer seems to be from Punjab village.

In abroad Forgive me but most of the people are from Punjab villages. But yes, he adored the Dasam Granth which is full of obscene stories. Guru granth sahib je de bani vich krishsn ram allaha sab da jikar hai Sab bathe ne ithe.

But this is a different path of Spirituality where one only can know things when he is on that path. Delete it moorakh person You have no mind that could understand gyan da sagar. You will find a word-by-word repetition, barring a few exceptions here and there. Using this strength, humans can travel very long distances in very short time. These idols which have been praised by Maskeen Ji break all limits of self-control and represent shameless acts to the public.

Sant Maskeen Ji

You are demon possessed for sure. The true preachers are punished and silenced, yet those who are taking us further away from Gurbani are being rewarded and given fame! By the the way why making money by lawful and just means is also not wrong. This is an anti sikh website so all things here are to destroy Sikhism.

He used to present carnal proofs using these. Simran is the key to create harmoney in our religion. Why he himself could not become bodyless with the power of years of his own Naam faith? Watching and reading this shocked my mind and heart.

It is just like a blind man who can not see light and he says because I can not see so there is no Sun. This is the way our Akaal Takht has sadly been hi-jacked. Par afsos ine uche bol har ik de samaj ch nahe aunde. He never remained stationed at any place for one or two months to do continuous recitation and preaching of Gurbani. By getting recorded talking just about Gurmat, he did not want to disappoint his followers who adhere to Hinduism.

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What is the Purpose of a Gurdwara? Waheguru je ka khalsa Waheguru je ke fathe. Now he is no more, you have no right to cast aspersions on his name.

Sant Maskeen Ji

Sant Maskeen Ji

Every speaker who came onstage reiterated again and again that Maskeen Ji was a role model for our life and was a source of inspiration for the Sikh Panth. How is he speaking without any proof, if he is so confident he should have quoted the exact line and must have provided the link to the Katha on YouTube or any other channel. If you think yourself to be more talented and fully acquainted with Gurmat, then why donot you recite the kathas on the stages.

The same Vedanti, with the connivance of other jathedars, declared Dhanwant Singh Saint not guilty. Whomsoever has written this article, you have not understood a word maskeen ji has told. Maskeen Ji talked about people but has never talked about Panth Sikh Panth.

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He has also done the mean act of relating our Gurus with these idols. Leave criticising anyone, this is my advise for you, get up and think of the down trodden people, help to educate them, to make them grow. You should listen to his explanation of Japuji.

Sant Maskeen Ji is the only Katha Vachak I have heard in my life and I can say he had greatly helped me in my understanding of Gurbani. Friends, what was sant maskeen ji, only God and Sant Maskeen g knew. Is karke ons de gal sant singh je maskin ne ve kite. Karanvir Singh Guru Ka Chaakar.

He was the great man who was never afraid of speaking the truth. Te jede lok apni publicity krna chaunde ne o dasam Granth nu galat kainde ne saja milu ona nu eh paap di.

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