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We like to let you know that we have been blessed by this wonderful ministry. We are currently serving in Southern Asia. As often as I can, I pledge to send you contributions to help support your wonderful programming.

Thank you for your ministry. We have also told many friends about Abiding Radio and have encouraged them to listen.

Al Menconi, Staying in Tune, p. It blesses so many people around the world! Lowell Hart, Satan's Music Exposed, pp.

Thank you for giving us a lifeline of God-honoring music. Just give me a song that moves my feet. They play it all day as well! Classical Music is for everyone! Greetings, Blessings and Grace upon Grace to you!

In order to listen to the sound clips you will need the free RealAudio player. Gone are the days when the only place to find Christian music was between the pages of your hymn books. Here are two songs in RealAudio.

Abiding Radio Hymns

Thank You for being and doing what the Lord has led you to do. Nowhere on the internet have I found such beautiful, uplifting, Christ centered music.

Thank you so much for the amazing instrumental worship radio station. Somebody's elevator is not coming up to the top. You play all of our favorites, including Patch the Pirate. Thank you for your efforts in this ministry. There is such a great need for Godly music on the radio in this country.

Sacred. Reverent. Conservative. Guaranteed

We have no radio station such as yours here in Vermont. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you are doing! Paul describes the Greatest Gift very well when he wrote about the kind of Love that the Spirit has sealed us with. Hello my name is Tom, I just wanted to let you all know how much Abiding Radio is a blessing to me.

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Your choices are excellent and there is no need for suggestions. All sound clips are in RealAudio format. Thank you, and may God bless you as you help people like me worship Him, in the name of Jesus. This is a great blessing for me.

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Real Audio Player required. My wife and I are very blessed by your music.

In the midst of crying out to God, I found your website, and my heart has been touched deeply by these truly beautiful and inspired hymns, film the others hymns which I grew up with many years ago. Did you read what that site says?

Be Good Tanyas

You are reaching and encouraging many. This week is one of the two biggest Hindu festivals here.

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Good-Music-Guide presents a comprehensive set of classical music links. These websites are maintained by good-music-guide. Which Good Guy was on when? After a hard days work I love to come home and just sit and allow the music to again redirect my mind. We were thinking about all of blessings we get from your music and I knew I should write to you.

So what are you waiting for then? It is rare that we miss a day. In the area where we live there are no decent Christian radio stations ie Truly Christian.