Hackett An ex-convict wants revenge against the partner that ran out on him. The Squaw Fleeing from both Matt Dillon and his double-crossed partners, outlaw Gristy Calhoun discovers that his survival in the badlands depends on help from an indian woman.

Arizona begins asking for someone to care for him along with three bales of hay. The Preacher Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer. Pa Kader John Carradine takes potshots at the Gypsies trying to force them off his land. He arrived too late to prevent a lynching. When Matt comes back to Dodge from his business trip, Chester informs Matt on what has been going on.

Subsequently, Miss Kitty transitioned to sole owner. One for the Road Lucius's daughter wants her dad locked up so she and Tom can have his estate.

He holds Matt responsible for the loss of his arm and the years he spent in prison. When they start shooting at each other Matt locks them up till they can settle their argument. When the marshall breaks it up he tells Chester to bring the man to jail.

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Matt's going to follow, but Chester says Vince has been hurt bad. It seems that Adam was in jail in Texas and broke out, and Stark aims to bring him back. Amber Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. Lou makes Linda take a job at the Long Branch.

Since Amanda Blake had died the year before, the writers decided to revisit a episode for the movie. Talbot Talbot falls in love with Katherine after shooting her husband in self-defense. The Pack Rat An orphan steals from Matt and then risks his life when he tries to help out in an ambush. Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood Thad Greenwood trails the four tough guys who caused his father to have a fatal heart attack. His presence was at first roundly resisted by Festus, a bickersome but close friend of Doc Adams.

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Marv comes into Dodge for a doctor saying his wife is sick but when Doc gets there he discovers she was beaten to death. It was ever the stuff of legend. One Killer on Ice Two bounty hunters talk Matt into protecting them and their prisoner from ambush. The common thread between them seems to be that they all had a dinner meeting together, about the upcoming German festival, at Bendino's restaurant. However, Matt finds that the girl's aunt is unwilling to take her in.

Matt is taken in by a group of freed slaves heading west who are being pursued by hunters. The Avengers A judge and his two sons plot their revenge when they suspect Festus and Kitty of murdering a member of their family. She learns that she isn't a widow when her outlaw husband appears and forces her to exchange his stolen gold for cash. Trail of Bloodshed Buck Henry Woolf is on the trail of his uncle, who killed his father, stole their money and wounded him. Petter gets framed for the murder of a man who was picking a fight with him.


Paley prevented its demise. Kitty is not charmed by the woman. He Who Steals Festus goes after the bandits who robbed and assaulted Doc. Shadler Just before he's to be hung, stage robber Shadler busts out of jail by slugging his last rites priest and donning the robes as a disguise. Obie Tater An old prospector named Obie Tater causes trouble for himself, his bride, and Matt when he refuses to tell where his fortune of gold is hidden.


The Pretender The Dano brothers return home from prison to a dying mother and a bitter father. This article is about the radio and television series.

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Matt turns the baby over to Ma Smalley for temporary care until adoptive parents can be found. Chester's Dilemma Edna Walsh comes to Dodge.

Kitty tells a man at The Long Branch is telling a different story. The man kills a train employee to get some money to avenge the loss of the man's wife and everything they owned. The Cousin Matt's foster brother forces him into a showdown.

The Fourth Victim A series of seemingly random killings have the citizens of Dodge City in near panic, but Dillon believes they are part of a pattern in which Doc is slated to be the next target. George also falls in love with a saloon girl and begins a business venture with his earnings.

Matt suspects Jenny Lane, a new girl at the Long Branch of being involved. Dirt Nat Seiber and Polly Troyman are to be married. Matt, Doc and Chester along with Emil meet Gretchen at the stage station.

Matt tells Bailey let the cavalry handle it, and leave Amos alone. However the Indians catch Matt and take him prisoner and release the gunrunner.

Coney gets sick and Abbie takes care of him. Matt and Chester go to look.

Gunsmoke was also unique from other Westerns in that it was unsponsored in the first few years of production. Gunsmoke was often a somber program, particularly in its early years. Despite Gunsmoke's realism in some areas, warcraft 3 naruto shippuden maps the show took liberties with accuracy in others.


The Wrong Man Hootie Kyle is a poor but honest farmer whose credit has run out. On the way there the man is killed and everyone thinks Chester did it. All That A rancher tries to save his property from foreclosure.

Chester accuses Emmett of cheating. Matt turns in his badge because he's sick of killing. Kitty thinks Hutch might have shot Chester. With one of them wounded it seems like a three-way split until Pike, the wounded one, surprises the other three.

Breckinridge A lawyer from the east questions Matt's every move. Kitty Cornered A rival saloon owner forces Kitty into a deadly competition. They wind up having to take a stage back to Dodge.