Iec 60076-2

Formulti-winding transformers, any impedances that are specified for particular pairs of windings together with relevant reference ratings if percentage values are given. Codes and Standards Training, Inc. American Industrial Hygiene Assn. Instrumentation and Control of Distillation Towers.

IEC 60076 - Power Transformers Package

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Windingresistance and windingtemperatureshall bemeasured at thesametime. Themeasuredvalue of load loss shallbemultipliedwiththesquare of the ratio of rated current tappingcurrent to testcurrent. This subclause describes such arrangements.

Terminal marking on the transformer follows national practice. Inorder to limitthecorrespondingreinforcement of the winding in question, tlp 2844 software it is possible to specify a maximum current tapping. Other tappings are identified by their tapping factors.

IEC 60076-2

Transformers having large tapping ranges, particularly if the range is asymmetrical, may also requirespecialconsideration. Temperature rise for liquid-immersed transformers.

It is normally expressed as a percentage. Measurements after other tests sometimes show higher values caused by spitting between laminate edges during the impulse tests, etc. Number of phases in system. International Organization for Standardization. Annexes A and E form an integral part of this standard.

Prices subject to change without notice. Direct current shall be used for the measurement. Disclosure to Promote the Right To Information. The loading combinations should also be indicated unless the rated power of one of the windings is the sum of the rated powers of the other windings.

Insulation levels anddielectrictests. Abscissa Tapping factor, percentage indicating relative number of effective turns in tapped winding. No phase displacement notation would then apply for the stabilizing winding. This difference is generally expressed as a percentage of the no-load voltage of the former winding.

The terminal or terminalsconnected to thecommonpoint theneutralpoint of a star- connected or zigzag connected winding. Missing page numbers correspond to the Frenchlanguage pages. The average oil temperature is taken as the mean of the top and bottom oil temperatures.

PDF) IEC 1 Power transformers GeneralIEC Power Transformers Part 5 Ability to Withstand Short Circuit

From this tapping onwards the tapping current values for the winding are then specified to be constant. Standards Australia International, Ltd. Thepolarity of single-phasetrans- formers and the connection symbol of three-phase transformers shall be checked. Examples of connections in general use, with connection diagrams, are shown in annex D.

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Victor Castellanos Alegria. Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air. Theshort-circuitimpedance is represented as reactanceand a. Full-power tappings - reduced-power tappings All tappings shall be full-power tappings, except as specified below.

Aerospace Industries Association. Additional information is necessary. Use of the referenced publications is indispensable for the correct application of this publication. Rated voltage for each winding. Wheneverpercentagevalues are given it is advisablethat the corresponding reference power and reference voltage values be explicitly indicated.

No limitations for the values are given here. Therearealsootherquantitieswhichmaynot beaccurately explored at the time of tender, or are subject to manufacturing and measuring uncertainty. Trans Tech Publications Inc.

The dashed lineis an example of a transformer short-circuit impedance curve which would satisfythis specification. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. The measurements are carried out with a current not exceeding the difference between the rated currents on the low-voltage side and the high-voltage side. The entries on the plate shall be indelibly marked.

The connection diagrams show the high-voltage winding above, and the low-voltage winding below. The directions of induced voltages are indicated.

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