Mercury Outboard Owners Manual

Select a proper replacement valve pad by calculating its thickness with the following formula. And the device being used to download the manual will not require any special software to download and view the manual.

Install timing belt and spark plugs. Pictures, diagrams and illustrations are scattered throughout the digital book to help the mechanic fix the boat motor correctly.

As the throttle is opened, the throttle lever rotates and pushes the throttle lever link rod. It can be downloaded to a cell phone, tablet or computer in seconds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Adjust tab if out of specification.

Mercury Outboard Manual

Seloc's Mercury outboard tune-up and repair manual Seloc Publications marine manuals. Make sure timing marks are still aligned. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Re-install driven sprockets and timing belt. Mercury Outboard Repair Manual.

It contains inspection, testing, removal, disassembly, cleaning, assembly and instillation procedures. The only discrepancies with this book is the fact that the pictures are of various engines during the same jobs i. This manual is digitally enhanced to give you the very best manual online.

Also, the diaphragm functions as a coasting enrichener during quick deceleration, preventing the engine form stalling. Install spark plug cover and flywheel cover. Never go without one of these!

As a D-I-Y this book proved to be a big money saver. Do not run the engine while flushing the cooling system. Install tensioner spring and tighten timing belt tensioner. Tighten timing belt tensioner and install tensioner spring. These points should be lubricated at least once a year by an authorized dealer.

Inexperienced mechanics or backyard mechanics, who are not knowledgeable in marine mechanics, will find the troubleshooting guide very helpful. The troubleshooting section provides a systematic and logical approach to trace and correct faults with electrical or mechanical components. If adjustment of intake or exhaust valve clearance is necessary out of specification follow Changing Pad Thickness below. Place a block of wood between gearcase and propeller to prevent rotation and tighten propeller nut. Measure float level without gasket.

Price is another positive feature with a downloadable Mercury manual. Very good information about the old Mercury. We recommend using original Mercury Precision or Quicksilver.

With the outboard in forward gear, pay stub generator adjust idle speed screw to obtain the specified idle speed. Downloading a Mercury outboard repair manual is easy. All new outboards manufactured by Mercury Marine are certified to the. This manual explained the steps to take for my repairs in terms I could understand.

Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals

Outboard Motors

If any valve clearance is still out of specification, repeat all the valve clearance adjustment steps until the specified clearance is obtained. The throttle lever link rod then pushes the diaphragm in the dashpot, forcing out the air.

Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals. Description Where Used Part No. This is an excellent resource! The air flows through the in-line, one-way valve, and then to all of the carburetors. Secure propeller nut to the shaft with cotter pin.

Lubricating the tiller handle bushing and shift handle detent requires disassembly of the product. There is a world of knowledge in these manuals. Download a Mercury outboard repair manual instantly. On the other hand, you could buy a replacement from the vast inventory on eBay.

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Was a great help with the trouble I was having on my Mercury. Spirock Bay Area California. Pictures and schematics of all parts was super helpful. Save yourself some grief, and go ahead and pick up a manual for your boat before the need for it arises. Install driven sprockets and timing belt.

The digital handbook provides instructions in regards to maintenance and repair based on factory specifications. Very comprehensive, well written and reasonably well illustrated.


Tune-up and Repair Manual, Vol. Moreover, traditional paperback versions often need to be special ordered, which means the repair job will have to wait several weeks until the book arrives in your mail box. Install cylinder head cover and driven sprockets. Insert the proper valve pad into the valve lifter.

Install tensioner spring and tighten timing belt tensioner bolt. Two electrothermal valves are installed on the carburetor assembly.