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When Kisame attempted to escape, Naruto used his blinding speed to quickly smash Kisame into the wall, though his foot get stuck. However, creating more than five shadow clones overall would disrupt the focus of the clones gathering natural energy. Episode Night of the Crescent Moon Filler. Toneri attacked him, destroying the scarf and leaving him badly injured. Because they had immortal bodies, they launched the first attack so that the others could learn what they could about Obito's new abilities, but they were quickly defeated.

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This, however, was only a shadow clone, and the real Naruto burst from the ground beneath Neji, defeating him with an uppercut. Though Naruto rejected his notion that using a weapon to force peace, he could offer no alternative. Naruto was aware of all that Shikamaru did on his behalf, but wondered if he was worth Shikamaru's trouble. Sakura released them from the genjutsu and they continued with the mission. Sasuke assisted in fighting off Shin and his son, but Shin was able to manipulate Sasuke's sword and used it to stab Naruto.

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Another shark, meanwhile, is able to escape with Kisame's intel. Episode The Successor Filler. Episode The Predestined Path Canon.

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Episode The Infinite Dream episode Canon. At some point within the next two months, Naruto received a prosthetic arm to replace the one he lost during the war.

Upon arriving, he learned that Boruto was acting very strange recently. He left a shadow clone to hold onto them and engaged Kaguya, creating an opening for Sasuke to attack. Deeming Naruto a failure who could never defeat a genius like himself, Neji easily defeats Naruto's clones and seals his chakra with Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. She was able to reconfigure herself and prepared an Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball to destroy them.

When one was about to hit Naruto, Hinata shielded him with her body and Neji shielded her with his own. Episode Kurama episode Canon.

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As Naruto attempted to find the creature with Sage Mode, Kakashi deduced that the creature worked differently from normal summonings, existing naturally in its own separate dimension. Canon - Canon episode is based on the original story of the manga. He happily began wearing the scarf around the village, treating it as a precious memento.

Episode The Tumultuous Journey Filler. After considering various genres for his next project, Kishimoto decided on a story steeped in traditional Japanese culture. While Naruto destroyed the remaining satellite-like constructs, Sasuke shielded him, Sakura, and Kakashi with Susanoo from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's gaze. They reunited with the others and head out for Shin's hideout. After the team regrouped, Naruto watched Hinata as she repaired her ruined scarf.

Dark Naruto finally relented and faded. After three days of around-the-clock medical attention from Sakura, he woke up. After repairing the seal, Minato disappeared and the newly-inspired Naruto prepared to resume his battle with Pain.

This guides him in many aspects of life besides a battle, such as his promise to Sakura of bringing Sasuke back to Konoha. The shadow clone faced her so that she wouldn't notice them while they look for Sasuke. Tobi and Zetsu arrived and prepared to depart with Sasuke.

After Sakura heals him, Naruto wakes up unable to remember what happened, but is surprised by the devastated landscape. The Five Kage vowed to deal with Madara themselves and asked that Naruto should instead focus on defeating Tobi. Dying, Neji collapsed on Naruto's shoulder, asking him to be more careful in the future since many lives, Hinata's particularly, now depend on his. When the smoke cleared, Neji emerges and Naruto lies defeated. Omoi and Karui of Kumogakure overhear them talking about Sasuke and they ask for information about Sasuke, wishing to kill him for his role in Akatsuki's capture of Killer B.

After Madara died from his ordeal, Naruto met with Minato who, as day broke, wished him a happy seventeenth birthday. Episode Following the Masters Shadow Canon. Madara moved in to capture it, but was parried by the arrival of Tsunade, the Fourth Raikage, and the Fifth Mizukage. Confidence restored, Naruto was greatly relieved to learn that not only had Hinata survived, but nobody was injured during his rampage. Increasingly frustrated, Kaguya shifted them to another dimension with powerful gravity to immobilise Naruto and Sasuke while she attacked with her All-Killing Ash Bones.

Episode Golden Bonds episode Canon. Episode Creeping Shadow Filler. He arrived in time to interrupt Toneri's and Hinata's wedding ceremony. You can add an image that shows how you feel or one that means something to you.

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Obito used his new power to destroy the barrier, forcing the Hokage to put the energy they were using toward the barrier into the fight instead. Episode Something to Fill the Hole Canon. Two years later, he could isolate the form with one hand, either to enhance his strength or to block attacks.

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The team locates Sai, whom Yamato has placed a trace on, at Orochimaru's lair and capture him. The Nine-Tails remarked that Naruto couldn't possibly win without its help.

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During their first meeting, Naruto shared his love of ramen, his hobbies, and his dream to become Hokage. Episode Everyones Feelings Filler. With their attacks ineffective and the environment such a hazard, Naruto and Sasuke discussed what to do. Episode Painful Decision Canon. Hinata brought Naruto back to his senses by reminding him of all the people who had given their lives to protect him and whose memories he would be insulting if he had given up now.

He kept her preoccupied until Obito returned with Sasuke. Naruto eventually aims on becoming Hokage hoping it will get him the love and respect of the people around him that he so richly deserve. Episode Tale of Naruto Uzumaki Canon. When they split up to search, Naruto, because he's a target of Akatsuki, is given a protective escort in the form of Hinata, Yamato, and Bull. Naruto's time at the Falls of Truth revealed that a part of him hated the villagers for ostracising him, only to admire him after he saved them during Pain's Assault.

They free the villagers and then attack Kandachi, who Naruto eventually defeats with his newly-created Big Ball Rasengan. Might Guy appears and takes Sasuke back to Konoha, but not before giving Naruto a spare green jumpsuit. She could do nothing about Kakashi's eye, the amityville horror movie so Naruto used Hagoromo's power to restore the one he lost years ago.