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Danny Sapani, the London based artist as the international drug dealer is fearsome initially but tapers down towards the end. Kannukkule number suffers from wrong placement. But totally this was the other way around in this movie like they didn't get married and so on. The actor brings in a majestic and a respectable color to the police attire and his dexterity over action sequences is remarkable.

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If you watch it by thinking Singam on the mind then it gives you disappointment because of weak story. Uncompromising police chief Durai Singam battles against a criminal operation dealing in deadly toxic waste. As the story unfolds, 3d player without glasses we learn why Duraisingam does not marry Kavya Anushka Shetty as expected. Surya's most disappointed movie in terms of music.

There are two bad guys Bhai Mukesh Rishi and Thangaraj Rahman who control the coastal belt with their nefarious activities. To me some of the Scenes english dialogs with the Nigerian villain, the fast motion action shots looked hilarious. It was so annoying and irritating to look at the amateur level of graphics in the movie in many places. Surya is the one man show of the movie. Official Bollywood Hungama site.

Singam 2 video song

If your answer is a movie with some repeated nonstop heroic action packed stunts rather than some reasonable screen play, story and stuff. His dialogue delivery is natural. However, he still loves Kavya Anushka and is waiting to marry her.

Using GenYoutube you can download any type of videos from the Youtube. Songs are visually good and they fit perfectly in the movie as there as no unwanted songs at unwanted situations. The songs seems to be worse. Also she looks very aged in many scenes.

Aadhavan, a sharpshooter, is hired by Dr Reddy to kill magistrate Subramaniam, who is set to uncover a list of culprits involved in an organ racket. However, the truths that they initially uncover lead to a bigger conspiracy, one that spans across the globe. The enthusiasm with which he is received is evident from loud screams, shrill whistles and thunderous clapping in packed theaters. Santhanam shows us why he is such a crowd puller with his brilliant one-liners and incredible comic timing. How they recognizing this scenes.

It has lot of actions with high speed racy screenplay from the beginning towards the end. The twist at the interval sets your mood to enjoy the thriller. Santhanam and Vivek excelled in humor part.

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Suriya, Shruti Haasan, Johnny Nguyen. Santhanam is an enjoyable and his sequences livens up the proceedings. Anushka is used only for song sequences and having very less screen sharing with Surya. Finally a worth watch movie.

How our one-man army defeats the evil forces is what the rest of the film is about. Vivek did his role neatly through his performance as supporting artist. Hansika had made her part good. You can believe in Hari's screenplay, although it is old as the earth. If you ignore the hype of the Duraisingam character then you may blame the director for predictability in screenplay which is a demerit.

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Though Danny sapani does a fair enough job a villain like Prakash raj is missed. Although the critics raised too much for Suriya I'm proud to say that I'm a Suriya fan from Tamilnadu. Suriya, Jyothika, Bhoomika Chawla. If you watch it without thinking Singam on the mind then definitely it will entertain you because it has a racy screenplay with power packed actions and dialogs.

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Suriya shoulders the film big time. Everyone acted very well in the movie. Though not extraordinary, all the tracks are lively, peppy, and foot-tapping numbers. Female leading character, Anushka has been ignored in this film.

If you are a fan of movies like Dhool and Ghilli, then I'd recommend this movie. Its uncommon to find them in a single movie. Coming to the technical parts of the movie, direction and cinematography was so average.

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The story started from what they left in the last movie. It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out. Director Hari adheres to all his usual ingredients from music to method of action scenes to the cavalcade of four wheelers to the structuring of sequences. This film is definitely a bigger sequel but if you analyze the concept of class vs mass in this film the later takes over.

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