The Golden Lily

He told Curtis he had acquired Japanese maps entrusted to a Filipino man by none other than Prince Takeda himself, the architect of Golden Lily. Roxas said he sold seven of the gold bars from the opened box, and sought potential buyers for the golden Buddha. If the United States had claimed some of the Golden Lily treasures after the war, 360 share pro for windows 7 what did they spend the money on? Critics also point out how unlikely a location the Philippines would have been for the Golden Lily Treasures.

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The men were stunned by their find. Aside from the claims of Roger Roxas, not a single one of them has found a thing.

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And the untold wealth stolen from these people seemed to have disappeared without a trace. In the decades that followed the war, treasure hunters would be out in force in the Philippines looking for the Golden Lily treasure vaults. The president was furious and vowed revenge. This is massively dwarfed by the figure the country has paid out to those responsible for the crimes in compensation. Your order Golden Lily Takeout Delivery.

The Americans even saw to it that Japan would not have to pay any reparations to the countries it ransacked. It also left a hole in history. Garlic Sauce Combo Platter. Lost Cosmonauts The Tombs in Space.

Their looting at Nanking was also colossal. This one vault alone was worth billions in dollars. Want to order something else?

Habeas corpus was suspended and Marcos had his opponents rounded up and jailed. Truman feared an economic bloodbath. After finding one of the vaults, he says he took a solid gold Buddha to go sell to pay for trucks and equipment to retrieve the rest of the treasure. But what he found inside made him fabulously wealthy. By the very nature of something that is supposed to be so secret, no documentation exists to properly validate the claims.

However, some think this figure is only a fraction of the true amount. It also remained completely and utterly secret. The American managed, somehow, to talk his way out of a bullet in the head. Roxas claimed that in Baguio City in he met the son of a former member of the Japanese army who mapped for him the location of the legendary Yamashita Treasure. Democracy in the Philippines had died and Marcos had tightened his ruthless grip on the country.

He realized, as the gun was placed against his head, that it was meant for him. They would take and sell the Buddha and use the money to hire trucks and equipment to extract the rest of the treasure. The gold allegedly funnelled by Edward Lansdale into secret caches of covert funding like the M-fund and Black Eagle Trust? After several hours of drink and song, Takeda and Yamashita quietly slipped away. As for Roxas, several parts of his story are suspect.

The tunnels were elaborate and the men feared booby traps. Curtis was shocked to see one of the graves was freshly dug. This picture of systematic looting by Japanese troops was observed throughout the war and featured heavily in allied reports in the aftermath. Could such huge amounts of extra gold really have remained completely unknown for so long?

But Marcos had a problem, the gold only made him theoretically rich. Rogelio Roxas, a Filipino locksmith, had been given a map by a Japanese soldier in the s. Navy submarines and Allied warplanes inflicted increasingly heavy sinkings of Japanese merchant shipping. Is there any evidence for programs that appear to have no discernible source of funding? Adolf Hitler Flight of Grey Wolf.

And could the Japanese really have transported that much to the Philippines during the middle of a world war? These rumors have inspired many hopeful treasure hunters, but most experts and Filipino historians say there is no credible evidence behind these claims. Roxas foolishly went to the press and local prosecutors to complain about the theft. Prince Takeda fled back to Japan by submarine.

It doesn't make sense to bring in something that valuable here when you know it's going to be lost to the Americans anyway. These payouts continue to this day.

Pregnant women were bayoneted in the stomach. It would have made far more sense for Roxas to hide the Buddha and discreetly sell a few of the small gold bars he found instead. Indeed, as soon as he started showing the Buddha to potential buyers the news got back to President Marcos and Roxas found himself in deep trouble.

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But whilst the story is strong on circumstantial evidence, hard facts are scarce. Some of the ships carrying the war booty back to Japan were sunk in combat.

After days of painstaking excavation, they found a passageway full of the skeletons of Japanese soldiers. Repatriating such vast treasures would be a logistical minefield, especially with many of the countries it was stolen from under communist control.

Row after row of gold bars, piled head high. And not a penny had been returned back to those it was stolen from. Each filled with billions of dollars worth of gold, jewels and priceless statues and art.

The Legend of Golden Lily Yamashita s Gold

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The horror was off the scale. Instead, they turned to his staff. Message Message is required.

All the while, the president would have his soldiers repeatedly capture and torture Roxas and his men to try and locate the entrance to the tunnels. It flies in the face of the massive economic boom Japan went through in the post-war period, becoming one of the largest economies in the world. Curtis was an expert in changing the metallurgical fingerprints of gold to disguise its origins.

More gold than the men could possibly handle. Though accounts that the treasure remains hidden in the Philippines have lured treasure hunters from around the world for over fifty years, its existence is dismissed by most experts. Yamashita himself was convicted of war crimes and executed by the U.

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