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The first thing that stands out is the lack of a traditional user interface. To increase its compatibility even further, you can add external codecs. Hope this would help you, and do you happen to have any idea of what video converter I could use on my Windows, the one that is not so expensive? But, what about their features?

So, which free media player is best in your eyes? You lose all control of the interface.

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Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs. The My Music folder also includes a separate My Playlists folder where playlists are maintained. Its interface is very clean and simple. The pile appears larger as the category contains more albums.

If we compare both of them, Home Cinema ranks better and keeps improving its feature set to rank among the best media players. The victor is Media Player Classic. And if you want to tweak options and customize to your liking, moray angna moinuddin mp3 PotPlayer lets you. Everything else is really just meh. Shoutcast on winamp wasn't working.

So, did our list proved helpful to you? Well, for most of the users, the long list of features and settings might be just too much.

Online streaming and Blu-ray support are also on the table. So, are there no good video players for Windows out there?

It included support for more media formats and added new features. Even when you uncheck the online part of the program as soon as you try to watch something from on your computer it reaches for the internet, it is spyware. Low resource usage compared to other programs Cons Has a hard time handling. It's the best thing I've found to play videos. The same can be done for all supported websites.

The app supports extensions and add-ons from all over the Web if you can find them. This was quite the strangest thing for me to experience, I mean, nothing, absolutely nothing responded when I tried to operated controls on Media Jukebox and MediaMonkey.

You name it, the video player software has it. You also get filters for brightness, contrast, hue, noise reduction, etc. This free multimedia player can be used even on your old computer without any hassle. With Quintessential, the radio allows you to choose a station, but then when you click on play selected station, nothing but silence and the entire screen just freezes.

This down-conversion function is switched on by default. Here are the best portable apps around. This was to ensure playability of the files and to ensure that the file sizes were small enough to efficiently fit a reasonably large selection of songs on the portable device. Auto Playlists are updated every time users open them. On the user interface front, it did not prevent screensavers from running during playback, it did not support file drag-and-drop, nor did it support playlists.

The cross-platform tool has a bag full of secret features you can use right now. Wide range of support from online forums. Deinterlacing, noise reduction and audio filters are among the many features that will be more than enough for a lot of users and to be frank, we rarely use them. The video player also supports touch controls like swipe gestures, which makes it a joy to use Parma Video Player.

Summary It is the Toyota Corolla of video players. With clear sound clarity and video clarity with all its decoders and album art gives a sleek look its really a very good one. Works well with nearly every type of video file. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

It's controls seemed frozen and unresponsive too. Your email address will not be published. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. It claims to play almost all kinds of videos and music without any plug-ins, and it actually delivers.

Manual settings can also be made. Pros It's a player and it works.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Same goes for mediamonkey.

Pros Works well with nearly every type of video file. Now, I'm having a time finding the right media audio controller and the correct drivers. It seems to have locked up, or trying to lock up everything. It was capable of playing.

5 Best Free Media Players for Windows

It would help if you were more descriptive. Adjusting aspect ratio, playback speed, video effects, etc. It's still on, i've left it alone!

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